Tim Armstrong Tattoos

Tim Armstrong of the legendary punk rock group RANCID, has quite an art gallery of tattoos sprawled all over his body.

Left Arm Tattoos: Spiderweb, skull bracelet, Hellcat logo, large skull.

Right Arm Tattoos: Rose and large skull which now covers his ex wife’s name “Brody”.

P U N X tattooed on his knuckles , along with a spider on his neck and “U.S THUGS” on his belly.

Tim Armstrong has also had quite a bit inked on the top of his head, which looks to be a giant spider web with a large skull and jester face, possibly more.

2 thoughts on “Tim Armstrong Tattoos”

  1. South Park epipsode Chef Aif aired originally in 1998 animated Tim with the spider tatoo on his head. When did he actually get it? That episode would suggest 1998. Coincidence or not. Anyone know?

  2. So I came across your blog looking for photos of Tim Armstrong. But I’ll also be leaving with some kick-ass wallpapers.

    I thought you might be into this project I’m working on – I started doing lino prints again, and I only have one completely finished so far, but they’ve got an 80s/90s East Bay punk theme happening. Haven’t started the Rancid one yet, but it’s on the list.

    Anyway, it’s here if you wanna check it out: http://www.etsy.com/listing/85554079/sound-system-linoleum-block-print

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